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Things You Need to Know About Glass Railing

Glass fencing is a popular choice for those who want architectural features in their backyard, but are reluctant to invest in brick or stone. The stylish railing can also be combined with other materials such as wood, to create an incredible and sophisticated structure. There are many reasons why someone might choose not to build a traditional fence for their yard. This project can be costly and time-consuming, as well as difficult for someone without expertise or experience. Conversely, glass railings require much less effort and cost only a fraction of the price of other materials when compared on per square foot basis.

There is a great selection of different patterns, designs and color options available for these items of fencing, making them look very unique if you do not want just plain white fence at your house. Another benefit is that they are hollow, which means they can be used as alternative storage spaces instead of traditional wooden fence panels.

Glass is extremely durable and can be installed in different positions, depending on your specific needs. They are hollow and can be cut, drilled or bent. Aside from attaching them in the most popular places, they can also be placed at the back of your house or in a garden or any other part of it you wish.

Glass railing is also called "glass balustrade" or "glass guardrail". It is a type of railing in which the rail and balusters are made of glass. This makes it lightweight yet sturdy. Glass railing needs to be handled with care and requires extra precautions while installing, due to its delicate nature.

Here are five things you need to know about this beautiful way of protecting your house from falls and other potential dangers:

- Glass railing installation should be in low-traffic areas such as private hallways, where accidents can't easily happen but where protection from falls may still be needed.

- A glass railing is not recommended for public areas such as walkways, dining rooms and stairways, because of its fragile nature.

- It's recommended that you use tempered glass for the railing. This type of glass is stronger than regular glass, reducing the chances of injury from broken glass in case the railing breaks.

- Tempered glass has a low iron content so it's transparent, making it the perfect choice for a transparent rail and balusters.

- To further ensure safety, have screws installed on the bottom rails and at least four inches apart from each other. This will prevent any accidents such as foot slipping or shoe removal while walking along the glass balustrade.

- If you are not comfortable with installing glass railing yourself, then you can always hire a professional installer.

- Glass railing is not recommended if the stairs or the area is high traffic.

It is necessary to take a informed decision and hire the best glass railing installation company.

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